Introduction To Painting People
Workshop In A Packet 
20 full color pages, in heavy clear vinyl storage envelope

This is a workshop on paper.  It is a step-by-step guide to painting a head & shoulders vignette from your own photos.  Illustrated in beautiful color on 20 pages, it gives clear, clean instructions.

It begins with how to choose a photo and plan the design.  Learn how to start with a cool underpainting and glaze warm skin tones over the top for a natural look.  Learn how to paint eyes sparkling with life.  Eyes have highlights and gentle light reflections.  A Value Key is included with this packet.  

The back of the packet displays an illustrated overview - shown in part below.
Reduce To Line
Lay clear plastic film over your expression photo and trace the head, hair, features, and shadows.  
As you trace the shirt, design where the fabric stops.
Take out distracting wrinkles but leave in some natural folds.  Keep simplifying, run copies, and use white-out.  
Value Sketch In Pencil
Use a small line drawing.  Pull back the dark shadow on the right side of his face to a middle value.  Exaggerate the highlights on the face and on the fabric to almost white. 
Color Study
You are shown how to decide which shirt colors bring vibrant 
life to the skin.  A quick color study gives you an opportunity 
to be daring and shift colors on the shirt.  Use a near 
complement color in the shadows of the shirt, stripes can 
shift color as they come into the light, add a near complement 
in the folds of the fabric.
Paint the shirt the colors you need to set off the skin color.
Underpainting Shadows
The underpainting layers go only under the middle or dark value shadows.
Glazing Warm Skin Tones
The painting will look redder and quite strong in color and value at this stage.  Paint it to the right value now and it will be pale later when it is has darker eyes, hair, and clothing values around it.
Paint Eyes With Life
Learn how to paint eyes sparkling with life.  Eyes have highlights and gentle light reflections.
Soften the edges of the mouth for a natural look so it doesn't look pasted on.
The hairs that were masked - paint them thinner and reshape them as you paint.
Shift Colors In Clothing
Bright cheerful colors express joy.  Green, a near complement to the skin, is painted in the folds  and shadows of the fabric.  
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